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"When you Walk with Purpose, You Collide with Destiny"


My Passion is to help Parents, Professionals, and Next Generation Leaders grow in their Leadership and Influence and take their next step to walk with purpose and collide with destiny.  It is my goal to make a difference with people who want to make a difference,  and are willing to do something to make a difference in the lives of others!  Let me help you go from Struggling to Significant! So glad you stopped by.

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I help Parents, Professionals and Teens (Pre-Adults) to Walk with Purpose and Collide with Destiny.  Let's go on a Journey together to Increase your Leadership and reach your potential.  I offer a wide variety of services including but not limited to: Coaching, DISC Assessment, The Leadership Game, Workshops, Parent Coaching,  Youth Leadership Skill Development, Masterminding, Personal Development, ect.

Interactive Virtual or Live Program


    Purposeful Parent Program

Navigate through these personal and  Parenting growth concepts in order to develop yourself  so that you have the best chance of becoming the person and parent you were created to be:

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Leadership Game


The John Maxwell Leadership Game is one of the strongest assessment tools for adding value to any organization. (adults and teens) The Game is a fun, interactive, and edifying way to assess communication, address difficult topics, and identify strengths and weaknesses.  

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Maxwell DISC Assessment and Workshop


What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results. . Click on the picture to learn more about the DISC assessment and workshop

Walk with Purpose Online Workshop

Family is Founded on Faith, joined in Love, and kept by God.  (Culture, Relationships, Pursue God)

 Walk with Purpose to collide with Destiny. This Workshop will provide a blend of instruction, fun, fellowship, and discovery time to help identify God’s purpose, value, and next steps for your family. Each family who invests the time it takes to attend the workshop will have taken a huge step towards equipping themselves with a new multi-generational road map – we call it your GPS (Generational Purpose Strategy.) 

Youth Max Plus


YouthMAX Plus is a global leadership initiative facilitated in your community by Melanie Fusilier, a Certified Nick Vujicic-Youth Leadership Trainer. For More Information click on the picture above.

Live 2 Lead

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